Finbar mainly skis Cairngorm Mountain and Nevis Range and being based near Inverness in the centre of the highlands snow is never far away!

Based: Cairngorm Mountain & Nevis Range
Hometown: Beauly

As a keen Freeride skier Finbar aims to compete in European competitions with the help of British Freeride while earning some dollar working at his local ski shop Craigdon Mountain Sports in Inverness. He is affiliated with Lonely Mountain Skis and tells us that although he hasn’t suffered any season ending crashes it’s only a matter of time going by the number of “That was close,” moments!!

Skier or boarder


Favourite place to ride in your home resort

Gotta be the back Corries at Nevis Range. These three huge Corries on a good day have got some of the best skiing in the world. With steep gully’s, playful cliffs and immense size the terrain is simply a freeskiers paradise. The best part? You will always get fresh tracks as large cornices keep the crowds at bay.

Years riding


If we could send you to any resort in the world for a day where would you go?

Oooh, difficult one... Would have to be Treble Cone, NZ. The Freeride terrain, the vibe of the place and the fact that I won’t miss any winter back home all seem pretty appealing to me.

Favourite dish to eat in the mountains?

No food breaks on a powder day! However hard to beat a good ole squished Nutella sandwich whilst on the T-Bar.

What's happening!

  • Nevis Range

    04/02/2018 via Finbar Doig

    Fresh snow across the whole mountain, wind effected in some areas. Back Corries with great snow conditions and easy drop-ins due to predominantly small cornices.

  • Cairngorm Mountain

    04/02/2018 via Finbar Doig

    Up to a foot of fresh across the whole mountain with nearly all lifts running, including the west wall poma.

  • Nevis Range

    03/04/2018 via Finbar Doig

    More snow falling throughout the week. Thursday may be a powder day with spells of sunshine. Still full cover over the whole mountain despite being April with all three back corries holding fantastic amounts of snow.