#freelancelife. Digital Transformation in the UK social housing sector. Finance Director in a tech company. Ski chalet operator. Who said accountants have to be boring?

Based: Samoëns
Hometown: London

Living in the mountains, growing organic veg, doing tech strategy stuff… Jayne knows she’s #workingthedream. She reckon’s she’s got the best office window going. A love affair with the mountains led to the purchase of a plot of land, and a long building project, but now the chalet is complete, and she’s lived in France full time since 2015.

Pure Alps

Skier or boarder

Skier. One day spent on a board, and way too many bruises to show for it. Never again.

Favourite place to ride in your home resort

Its gotta be the red ‘Fred’ piste in Flaine. Glorious view of Mont Blanc, and a cranky old two-seater chair to get up there, so not that many people bother. Their loss…

Years riding

My first skiing holiday was Mayrhofen in 2000. I loved the après, but didn’t really get the hang of the skiing bit… my hire boots were crippling. But I came back for more :)

If we could send you to any resort in the world for a day where would you go?

Zermatt. Mostly for the lunch at Chez Vrony, obv.

Favourite dish to eat in the mountains?

Pretty much the entire menu at Chez Vrony. Starting with the cured meats...

What's happening!

  • Samöens

    06/11/2017 via Pure Alps

    Woohoo. The snow line is coming down the mountain, looks like its around 1,000m now. We had a good dusting on the Grand Massif last night, and more forecast on Wednesday :)

  • Samöens

    27/11/2017 via Pure Alps

    Super dump last night, snow level down to about 1,000m, which means good snow cover at the main plateau at 1600m... Its a beautiful sunny day, and more snow forecast this week. Shaping up to be a great start to the season :)

  • Samöens

    26/12/2017 via Pure Alps

    After a week of blue skies and beautiful cold powder... its snowing again in the Grand Massif. Down in the village of Samoens, its a super fine light drizzle. Up top, more of the fresh white stuff is coming!